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Editor Profiles

Clare Mc Fadden

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New Content ItemClare joined the BMC Series as a manuscript editor in 2019 before becoming editor of BMC Genomics, BMC Genetics and BMC Medical Genomics in September 2020. She started out studying Human Genetics at Trinity College Dublin and following that, she obtained a Masters in Cardiovascular Science from the University of Edinburgh, and subsequently, a PhD researching the role of a gene in the control of inflammation and oxidative stress in adipose tissue. She worked for a year for a small academic publishing company before joining the BMC. She has an interest in research integrity and open access, to ensure that reliable, reproducible research is available to all.

Senior Editorial Board Members

Isabelle Schrauwen

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New Content Item (1)Dr. Schrauwen joined the Editorial Board of BMC Medical Genetics as an Associate Editor in 2017 and moved to BMC Medical Genomics as a Senior Editorial Board member in 2020. She received her PhD in Biomedical Sciences at the University of Antwerp, Belgium and is currently an Assistant Professor at the Center for Statistical Genetics at Columbia University, NYC, USA.

Dr. Schrauwen’s research focuses on examining the genetic basis and pathogenic mechanisms of sensory and neurological disorders. She implements both family-based and population-based methods to identify genetic factors involved in these disorders. Some of these children endure years-long diagnostic odysseys of trial-and-error testing with inconclusive results and misdirected treatments. She is dedicated to track down their molecular causes by integrating various “-omics” technologies, including genomics, transcriptomics and epigenomics. Dr. Schrauwen continues to build a body of knowledge that can lead to improvements in disease management and treatment.

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